I am a Computer Science PhD Candidate at the University of Georgia. I will teach CSCI-1360 "Foundations for Informatics and Data Analytics" on Spring 2024. I am also an adjunct computer science instructor in South College. My research interests fall into the domains of Knowledge Graphs, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining, A.I. and Data Science.


Current Courses

Spring 2024, CSCI-1360, Foundations for Informatics and Data Analytics

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with scientific programming and data science principles through the utilization of the Python language. In this course, students engage in practical exercises to acquire skills relevant to quantitative analyses in various domains. The course begins with solid introduction to Python, empowering students with the basic programming skills. Students are introduced to data science-related mathematical concepts, then study data preprocessing and machine learning techniques. Students learn to apply skills and tools on numerical, visual, and textual datasets.
Teaching Duties
Lesson planning, classroom instruction, design and grading assessments, office hour sessions and individual support to students who might need additional efforts.

Past Teaching Experiences

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